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Stuff you shouldn’t ask a web developer

On June 5, 2016, Posted by , in Opinion, Web, With No Comments

Web developers are able to do all kinds of tasks and assume different responsibilities within a project. However, life as a web developer, especially as a freelancer, is not exempt from unreasonable requests. [public_announcement] We love helping you build your projects, delivering you user-friendly and stable websites. We also love…

5 Tips for an efficient Facebook campaign for startups

On April 4, 2016, Posted by , in Web, tags , , , With No Comments

Online advertising can be a tricky subject even for tech-savvy people. In the era of SEO and PPC, Google seems to have the monopoly over everything related to online advertising. However, many tend to forget the power of Facebook advertising. Through simple tricks, you can give a boost to your…

Cheap Hosting & Domain name plans for beginners

On March 18, 2016, Posted by , in Web, With 3 Comments

Most of the people who are new to the world of web development are confused when it comes to hosting their website and choosing a domain name registrar. The purpose of this article is to guide the beginners through this process and help them make the right choices while saving…